Top Recruitment Agencies in UK for Foreign Workers 2024

Many foreign workers are attracted to the UK by its strong economy, varied job market, and high-quality education and healthcare. However, finding a job in a different country can be difficult. That’s why recruitment agencies are important. They help foreign workers find suitable jobs in various sectors in the UK. In 2024, recruitment agencies still play a vital role in linking foreign workers with job opportunities.

The Role of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies act as bridges between job seekers and employers. They simplify the job search process by finding suitable job openings for candidates. This is especially helpful for foreign workers who may not know the UK job market well, its subtleties, and the specific expectations of local employers.

Here are some main ways in which recruitment agencies help foreign workers:

1. Job Matching:

Recruitment agencies evaluate a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and career goals to find job openings that match their ambitions. This makes sure that foreign workers are placed in roles where they can perform well and contribute positively.

2. Visa Guidance:

Many foreign workers need visas to work in the UK. Recruitment agencies can offer valuable guidance on visa requirements and help with the required paperwork, making the immigration process easier.

3. Cultural Integration:

Moving to a new country can be scary. Recruitment agencies often provide support and advice on cultural integration, helping foreign workers adjust to their new surroundings.

4. Temporary and Permanent Placements:

Whether foreign workers are looking for temporary or permanent positions, recruitment agencies can meet their needs. Temporary roles can include seasonal work, internships, or short-term contracts, while permanent placements offer long-term career opportunities.

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List of Recruitment Agencies in UK for Foreign Workers 2024

1. Hays UK

  • Website: Hays UK
  • Areas of Expertise: Finance, Healthcare, IT
  • Overview: Hays is a well-established agency with expertise in various industries, including finance, healthcare, and IT. They provide comprehensive support for foreign workers, including guidance on visa applications.

2. Reed

  • Website: Reed
  • Overview: Reed is known for its wide network and diverse job listings. They have a dedicated international recruitment team to assist foreign candidates with their job search in the UK.

3. Michael Page

  • Website: Michael Page
  • Areas of Expertise: Engineering, Finance, Marketing, and more
  • Overview: Michael Page specializes in professional and technical recruitment. Their international reach makes them a valuable resource for foreign workers seeking opportunities in various sectors.

4. Randstad

  • Website: Randstad
  • Overview: Randstad is a global HR and recruitment company with a strong presence in the UK. They offer services across various industries and have a dedicated international recruitment division.

5. Robert Half

  • Website: Robert Half
  • Areas of Expertise: Finance and Accounting
  • Overview: Robert Half specializes in finance and accounting roles, making it an excellent choice for foreign workers looking to break into the financial sector in the UK.

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6. MCK Recruitment

Areas of Expertise: Logistics, IT, Finance, Health Sector

MCK Recruitment specializes in connecting job seekers from around the world with client companies in the UK. They offer personalized relocation services to ensure a smooth transition to the UK for successful candidates.


  • Phone: +44 (0)7375 547469
  • Email:
  • Address: MCK Recruitment Woodbridge Crescent Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3LN, United Kingdom

7. Michael Page

Areas of Expertise: Banking and financial, Construction, Consultancy, Digital, Engineering and manufacturing, Executive search, and more.

Michael Page, part of the PageGroup, covers a wide range of industries and offers permanent, temporary, contract, and interim opportunities. They cater to job seekers from the second/third job levels upwards.

Contact: Phone: 0845 6060 610

8. Adecco

Adecco has a global presence and has successfully placed thousands of workers in over 60 countries. They specialize in international recruitment and offer language training and relocation services.

Areas of Speciality: Skilled roles from operational to top management.

Contact: Phone: +358 46 710 2500

9. The Flame Lily

Areas of Speciality: Doctors, Nurses, Allied Professionals, I.T Technicians, and Specialists.

The Flame Lily provides healthcare recruitment solutions globally, serving both private clients and the NHS. They offer tailor-made staffing packages to meet the specific needs of clients and candidates looking for employment in the UK, Ireland, and Scotland.


  • Phone: 03334560120
  • UK Head office: The House of The Flame Lily HQ 144 Penn Road, Wolverhampton, WV3 0EE, United Kingdom

10. Airswift

Areas of Speciality: Energy, Process, Infrastructure, Technology.

Airswift is a dedicated employment agency offering talent acquisition and global employment outsourcing solutions. They assist foreign workers in finding both full-time and temporary positions and provide support with international relocation.

Contact: Offices in multiple countries across 6 continents (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, North America).

11. Skills Provision International

Areas of Speciality: Remote jobs, European job vacancies.

Skills Provision International is an employment network based in the UK, with a focus on supplying remote workers globally.


  • Phone: +44 (0) 2079890750
  • Somerset, United Kingdom

12. Antal

Antal is a global recruitment agency with over 60 offices across Europe, founded in London. They offer recruitment solutions with a deep understanding of local markets and cultures.


  • Phone: +44 (0)207 467 2520
  • Email:
  • Address: 64 Baker Street, London, W1U 7GB, United Kingdom

13. Pearl Recruitment

Area of Expertise: Medical, nursing, and care recruitment globally.

Pearl Recruitment specializes in recruiting physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and more for positions in the UK, the EU, and worldwide.


  • Phone: 01752 237637
  • Email:
  • Address: Foliot House, Nursery Close, Plymouth, Devon PL5 4QG, United Kingdom

14. Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance International is a reliable recruitment agency in Leicester, United Kingdom, that works with employers and job seekers to offer reliable manpower recruitment services.


These recruitment agencies have demonstrated their commitment to helping foreign workers secure employment in the UK across various industries. Whether you are a healthcare professional, an IT expert, a finance specialist, or seeking opportunities in other sectors, these agencies can provide invaluable assistance in your job search journey in the United Kingdom

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