Lithuania Work Visa 2024: Your Gateway to European Employment

Lithuania, a captivating European country, is opening its doors in 2024 to non-European Union (EU) nationals looking to secure a work visa. With a remarkable success rate of 98%, Lithuania’s work visa program presents an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking employment in various sectors. This article offers a detailed guide on the Lithuania Work Visa, outlining the application process, requirements, and essential links for prospective applicants.

Understanding the Lithuania Work Visa 2024:


The Lithuania Work Visa is exclusively available to non-EU nationals, making it an attractive option for individuals from around the world.

Visa Type:

The visa type for this program is a National Long-Term Visa (D Visa), granting non-EU nationals the privilege to work in Lithuania for extended periods.

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Work Permit Requirement:

To initiate the work visa application process, non-EU nationals must secure a work permit. This permit is attainable through a Lithuanian employer who offers employment opportunities. The processing time for the Lithuania Work Permit is a swift seven days, ensuring an efficient and streamlined application process.

Duration of Visa:

The Lithuania Work Visa provides flexibility with a maximum validity of up to six months, aligning with the employment’s duration. The visa’s validity corresponds with the seasonal nature of certain job opportunities.

Application for National Long-Term D Visa:

Upon obtaining the work permit, applicants can proceed to apply for the National Long-Term D Visa for Lithuania. This visa typically takes approximately nineteen days to process and is issued by the Lithuanian embassy or consulate. A visa fee of €140 applies to the National Long-Term D Visa.

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Job Opportunities in Lithuania:

Lithuania, renowned for its robust economy and relatively low population, offers a wealth of job opportunities for foreigners. The following are some prominent job sites and employment agencies in Lithuania:

Job Sites:

  1. Lithuanian State Employment Service
  2. Lithuanian Government Website
  3. Voodoosales
  4. CV online
  5. CV market
  7. Scobo
  8. CV bankas
  9. Work in Lithuania
  10. LOVE JOB
  11. Start-up CV

Top Employment Agencies:

  1. Strategic Staffing Solutions
  2. Simplika
  3. Manpower
  4. Biuro
  5. Alliance for Recruitment
  6. Info
  7. Header

How to Apply:

Interested individuals can commence the application process for the Lithuania Work Visa by visiting the official website Click here.


Lithuania’s 2024 Work Visa program is a golden opportunity for non-EU nationals to gain employment in Europe. With an impressive success rate and abundant job prospects, this program serves as a gateway to explore the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Lithuania. Whether you’re seeking professional develo

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