Korean Government Scholarships for Bachelors Degree 2022 [Fully Funded]

Korean Government are accepted application for Korean Government Scholarships to Study Bachelors Degree in South Korea. International students all around the world can apply for this fully funded Korean Government Scholarships 2022.

Do Bachelors’s degree in South Korean Universities and later on find jobs in South Korea. As there is no obligation in this scholarship to return back.

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Application process for Korean Government Scholarships for Bachelors Degree:

There are two Way to Apply korean Government scholarship to study bachelor degree at Korea.You can apply either one of the two ways

  1. Via Embassy
  2. Via Universities

Via Embassy:

– Any Field of studies or major except Medicine, dentistry, architecture, pharmacy
– Embassy will give the procedure and guidelines of what to do.
– Find the embassy of Korea in your country, email them, call them, visit them and get the exact procedure.
– The main procedure will be: Embassy will select you as its KGSP candidate and may ask you to apply in some university and nominate you as its KGSP candidate and will send to NIIED. Final selection will be by NIIED
– Deadlines of embassy you have to ask them, but probably they will be announcing it soon on their website or you can find number of embassies and call them to ask. The deadlines will be before 30 September 2021 as upto this date, all the Korean embassies have to send their selected nominations to NIIED.
For More information Click here–> ( Via Embassy )
This Embassy link for Pakistani Students if you need any other Country link, please type in Comments of this post:

Via Universities

– Only Engineering and Natural Sciences majors except Medicine, dentistry, architecture, pharmacy.
– You have to select university in given list of universities by KGSP
– Apply in that university
– University will nominate you as its KGSP candidate and will send names to NIIED and they will select final candidates
– Deadlines vary from university to university and check with universities and apply. All the universities have to send their selected students nominations to NIIED by 20th October 2021. So, the universities deadlines will be before this date. Check it there.
For more information click here —> ( via Universities )

Note for Korean Government Scholarships 2022:

  • Students who will complete their FSc or A-Levels and can present final results until March 1, 2022, can also apply.
  • You can apply Via one way only Either by Embassy or University

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