Chinese Government Scholarships 2024-2025 [CSC Scholarship]

CSC Scholarship also known as the Chinese Government Scholarship offered by Chinese Government fully funded scholarships for the years 2024-2025 for international students willing to pursue their Higher studies in the People’s Republic of China. For admission in undergraduate, graduate, and PhD prepare your testimonials as scholarships for thousands of students are about to be open in China in 250+ Chinese Universities.

Chinese Government Scholarship With the corporation of China scholarship council (CSC) presented thousands of scholarships for year 2024-2025 and now is going to bring hundreds of fully funded scholarships in more than 250+ Chinese universities. For study under CSC scholarships, eligible students from all around the world can apply by just submitting an application form and fulfilling the steps mentioned below:

Chinese Government Scholarship Details:

Host CountryChina
Universities 250 + Universities
Target GroupInternational Students all around the world
Teaching Language English or Chinese

CSC Scholarship Award inclusions:

Chinese Government Scholarship for Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD students under CSC scholarships will get free tuitions and accommodation and medical insurance with slight difference in monthly stipend as described:

BachelorsCNY 2500 RMB/month4-5 YearStudent should be a high school graduate<25 years
MastersCNY 3000 RMB/month2-3 YearsStudent should be a Bachelor’s degree holder<35 years
PhDCNY 3500 RMB/month3-4 YearsStudent should be a Master’s degree holder<40 years

Application instructions for CSC Scholarship:

List of Documents (Duplicate):

Application Form:

CSC scholarship form  must be filled in Chinese or English Language.

Recommendation Letter:

Recommendation letter from at least two teachers (Professor from your previous University)  has to be uploaded at CSC portal for application. Make sure to send a color copy of letter instead of letter itself.

Highest Degree/Transcript/Diploma:

Before starting with your application procedure make sure to get your diploma, degrees and transcripts attested from notary public office or a lawyer. Moreover, students can apply for scholarships through CSC portal in December to March according to the universities deadline. 

Note if your Degree is not Available :

  • In case of non-availability of degree provisional certificate can be used.
  • Hope certificate can be sued in case if degree is remaining
  • Instead of transcript semester result card can be used for application completion but make sure to get transcript before September to show at embassy at visa time.
  • Notarized documents other than in Chinese or English language should be translated in either of the language and attached.

IELTS and English proficiency certificate:

Students can apply without IELTS or HSK certificates but provision of them will be a plus. Students must provide English proficiency certificate from university stating that student’s last university was completed in English language.

Medical Examination Certificate:

Medical examination form can be downloaded from this link

Carry of mentioned test from nearby government hospital stamp your picture from doctor and attach that picture with form photocopy.

Research Proposal:

Research paper abstract consisting of 200 words for MS programs and 800 words for PhD programs should be attached with application form. Abstract should be written in English or Chinese language. ( Also Check: How to use ChatGPT to Write Research Proposal: Use ChatGPT Effectively)

Passport and pictures:

Apply for passport if you don’t have one and submit it with CSC scholarship application form.

Pictures attached with application form can be blue of black background.

Police clearance certificate

Police clearance form from police station should be provided with application form or at time of visa processing to ensure the clearance of any criminal records.

Optional Documents for CSC scholarship:

Acceptance Letter

  1. Students having acceptance letter from Chinese Professor will be preferred by high ranked universities. Please click here to find the important points to write email for acceptance Letter.

Note: write an email to your desired professor for acceptance with your research interest

Please check the sample of Acceptance Letter

Character Certificate from your college or university

Curriculum vitae(C.V): 1-2 pages (Effective CV for scholarship )

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