Canada Seasonal Work Visa Process 2024 – Start your new Life in Canada

In 2024, Canada is still inviting foreign workers to join its Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program. This program provides seasonal job opportunities in agriculture to people from all over the world. Whether you’re from Canada or another country, this guide will help you understand the process of getting a Canada Seasonal Work Visa in 2024 and finding approved seasonal jobs.

The Agriculture Stream is an important part of the Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program. It helps Canadian employers find workers from abroad when local labor isn’t enough. This sector offers many roles in agriculture, such as farm management, horticulture, grounds maintenance, machinery operation, and more.

Canada Seasonal Work Visa Process 2024 Program Details:

Job CountryCanada
Program NameTemporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program
Who can ApplyTemporary Foreign Workers from any country
LMIAPositive LMIA Approved
Visa TypeAgriculture Worker
Salary RangeVaries by occupation; competitive wages offered

Financial Benefits by Canadian Employers:

Canadian employers, under the Agriculture Stream, provide substantial support to their foreign workers, including:

  1. Transportation: Employers arrange and finance round-trip transportation between the worker’s place of employment in Canada and their home country, ensuring a smooth and cost-free journey for the employees.
  2. Housing: Employers are responsible for offering suitable and affordable housing, ensuring that foreign workers have comfortable living arrangements during their seasonal employment in Canada.
  3. Health Insurance: Employers ensure comprehensive health insurance coverage for their employees, promoting the well-being of the workers throughout their employment.
  4. Training: Some Canadian employers may offer training opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of their seasonal workers, contributing to their personal and professional development.

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Eligible Occupations and Codes (Agriculture Stream):

Here are the eligible occupations, each with its respective code and a brief description:

  • 80020: Managers in Agriculture: Oversee agricultural operations, manage resources, and ensure productivity.
  • 80021: Managers in Horticulture: Manage horticultural activities, including plant cultivation, landscaping, and maintenance.
  • 82030: Agriculture and Farm Supervisors: Supervise farm operations, coordinate tasks, and ensure an efficient workflow.
  • 82031: Ground Maintenance: Maintain and care for the grounds, including landscape and field upkeep.
  • 84120: Machinery Operators: Operate various types of machinery and equipment for agricultural purposes.
  • 84121: Heavy Equipment Operators: Handle heavy machinery for tasks such as land clearing, excavation, and construction.
  • 85100: Livestock Laborers (Farm Workers): Perform tasks related to animal care on farms, including feeding, cleaning, and health monitoring.
  • 85101: Harvesting (Vegetables, Fruit Picker): Harvest fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness, ensuring quality produce.
  • 85102: Poultry Workers: Work with poultry, including feeding, egg collection, and coop maintenance.
  • 85103: Nursery: Work in plant nurseries, caring for plants at various growth stages, and assisting in propagation.
  • 85104: Greenhouse Workers: Maintain greenhouse environments, including plant care and environmental control.
  • 86130: Aquaculture Workers: Engage in tasks related to fish and seafood farming, including feeding, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • 86131: Aquaculture Technicians: Assist in managing aquaculture operations, ensuring water quality, and handling equipment.
  • 86132: Fish and Seafood Harvesters: Engage in fishing and harvesting of aquatic products, such as fish and shellfish.

Duration of Stay on Agriculture Stream:

Under the Agriculture Stream, the Work permit is typically issued for a duration of 3 years, providing foreign workers with a significant and extended opportunity to experience Canadian agriculture and culture.

Canada Seasonal Work Visa Costs:

When applying for a Canada Seasonal Work Visa, be prepared for associated costs, including the work permit application fee of CAD 150 and a biometrics fee of CAD 85 (if required).

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Finding Seasonal Worker Jobs in Canada with LMIA Approval:

To discover seasonal jobs in Canada with LMIA approval, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Job Bank Canada website.
  2. Click on “Advanced.”
  3. Scroll down and select the option “Canadians and international candidates.”
  4. Scroll up, and in the Job title, enter “82031” or any other eligible occupation code mentioned earlier.
  5. Press Enter and click on “View Results” to find a list of seasonal jobs in Canada.
  6. Open any job posting, review the description, and apply online, ensuring that the job aligns with the Agriculture Stream if that’s your chosen path.


Canada’s Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program offers a unique opportunity for foreign workers to experience seasonal employment in the beautiful Canadian landscape. By following the Canada Seasonal Work Visa Process for 2024 and exploring the LMIA Approved Seasonal Jobs, you can embark on a fulfilling journey of work and cultural exchange in the true north. Get ready for your Canadian adventure today!

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