1600 Online Nanodegree Scholarship at Udacity


1600 Fully funded Scholarships to earn an Online Nano-degree in Market Demand Majors from Famous & Authentic Udacity Website : Technology Scholarship Program by Bertelsmann & Udacity

Bertelsmann is launching a global education initiative to strengthen people’s tech skills: Over a three-year period, Bertelsmann is investing several million euros in funding as many as 50,000 tech scholarships on the online education platform Udacity.

Best Chance to do online Nano-degree (04 Months Duration Degree) taught by the Top Professors in the World on Authentic & Famous website Totally free of cost. Do not miss this chance

They will be paying you almost 1500 $ as fee of the nano-degree program

There are currently three Nano-degree programs being offered.

  1. Cloud DevOps,
  2. Deep Learning,
  3. Data Analyst

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Benefits of Nano-degree:

  1. You will earn a prestigious degree from a prestigious website while sitting at your home using your personal computer or laptop
  2. The skills you get through this degree will enable you to apply for good jobs abroad as getting nano-degree from udacity will show your excellence in the field as you are being taught by top professors in the world in these degree programs. You will also become good in freelancing skills in these areas
  3. The company Bertelsmann offering you this scholarship can later hire you for job in their company based on your performance in the degree
  4. You will spend short time e.g., 04 months, learning free of cost but the return you will get on spending this time will be benefit you for whole life
  5. This degree will give you skills. Do not equate it with traditional degrees. Do not worry about HEC etc. Just focus on earning skills through it than just earning the paper.

How to apply for it ?

  1. The initial 2019–2020 phase of the program is a two-stage scholarship, open to any student, 18 years of age or older
  2. In first phase, you will apply to enroll in Cloud, Data or AI challenge courses. These challenge courses are Introduction to Cloud DevOps, Introduction to Data Analysis & Programming, Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch
  3. 15,000 students will be selected to participate in the Cloud, Data, or AI Challenge Courses.
  4. You will spend 3-3.5 months on doing these courses with 3-5 hours of study per week
  5. Top 1600 students from this initial phase will earn a full Nano-degree program scholarship in one of the three programs


Applications due November 6, 2019

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